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Adventure travel requires you bring your sense of humor, a package of patience, flexibility, and positive energy as you sign up to be an active participant in all activities. Plans can change based on weather, or unknown circumstances and having an open mind will make every possible situation manageable. Recognizing that we will travel in a group also means to love and support each other’s experiences so that every group member has a memorable adventure.

Physical Fitness

You will embark on a trip of lifetime where the activities are carefully selected to challenge you physically and are designed to invoke holistic therapeutic processes that may challenge your emotions and limiting beliefs with no formal therapy sessions. Each of our trips and the activities we choose are catered to the novice and/or beginner outdoor adventuress. They are chosen to introduce you to a new skill in a safe environment or open your world to experiences you never thought you could do.

Prepare to engage and embrace your mind and body to explore feelings you may not have experienced before. The goal our adventures are to:

  • Do what you mean to do and navigate your emotions, think before you speak. Believe in what you are doing.
  • Do it with intention, have empathy and understanding toward emotions.
  • Mindfulness: Recognize emotions in yourself and others and to acknowledge and accept your feelings. Be aware of the cost/benefit of your actions, and strive to be your better self.

Who is this for?

  • *Women (masterminds) who share the same values and wish to share experiences
  • *Women willing to empower their personal capabilities and build confidence in their personal life
  • *Women in adequate physical condition (can walk up to 1-3 miles at one time)
  • *Women who want to meet other women and have fun
  • *Women who appreciate the outdoors and has an spirit for adventure
  • *Women looking for a little pampering, forming a sisterhood, laughing, crying, singing, frolicking in nature
  • *Woman who is down to earth, likes to wear comfortable shoes in off time, and let their hair down.
  • *Typical age is around (but not limited to) 35-65 years old (physical and mental age are different!)

This is NOT for you if:

  • Do not want an experience that will take you out of your comfort zone.
  • Want to be a participant of your life instead of a leader
  • Want to stay absent from your personal life
  • Do not need a break from life, to replenish your mind, body, soul and heart.

These trips are the ultimate adventure experience to transformation designed especially for the busy woman. They are not designed for the weak at heart or those who might want to shelter themselves from healing and happiness.

Each woman will have her own bed in a shared hotel space or house depending on location. Some places will offer personal bedrooms. Please keep an open mind as these trips are designed to make friends and share personal experiences and sharing rooms gives you this opportunity.