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I was born wild with little fear when it came to adventure. My friend once told me that if we were standing on the edge of a cliff, and I was ready to jump, she would say “Do a flip!” This is how I’ve carved my destiny, leaped with the faith that I would land on my feet. 

Covid-19 changed that this year. Pretty much destroyed the momentum I thought I had going for myself and my business. I tried to keep my head up, and persevere but changes in my emotional and physical health dictated otherwise. The “change of life”  for a woman can be difficult emotionally. Regulating emotions was difficult for me, then add on that I thought a man cared for me. Turns out  he was filled with empty promises in what I would have considered winning the lottery personally and  in my industry. So, I lost him and the opportunity that would have put me on the map.  It’s taken me the better part of the year to recover from that, along with managing my hormones after entering menopause. 

I made some serious assumptions and believed in people that eventually let me down. The time I spent outside this summer climbing mountains saved me from entering the doldrums of depression. I hiked to the top of 15 peaks, including the Grand Teton,  along with many other adventures to high alpine lakes. The summers in Montana are, hands down, my favorite time of the year. Submerging myself in nature helped keep me from going insane from the things I could not control. The peace and solitude I found there helped heal my broken heart from the losses that went in conjunction with the Covid-19 pandemic.

I am now again pivoting to provide recreational therapy services within the Bozeman area to people with disabilities and minor mental health issues. These will be low-key outdoor adventures that work on fitness, reduction of anxiety and behavioral issues. These services are so vital right now and I can provide:

  1. Respite to families who are in need of mental and physical breaks from the day to day parenting duties.
  2. Activities that people are passionate about that help keep minds engaged with socializing, promoting confidence, feelings of belongingness and outdoor time.
  3. Improved quality of life by reducing time at home and unwanted and destructive behaviors while focusing on long term positive and holistic health. 

We are all struggling with wearing masks and wanting things to go back to “normal”. Unfortunately, living with the unknown is the only known quantity at this time. It’s hard for me because I am a planner. 2020 has brought many lessons of patience, perseverance and resilience to the forefront. My planning days are over. I have given up banging my head against a wall, losing the battle I was trying desperately to win.  Sometimes changing direction from what you think you want and heading in a different direction is the best thing to do and will make a huge difference in your life.

 I found a way to make that change by taking some time to heal, letting go of what I thought I wanted and now wonderful things are coming my way.

What the future looks like will be anyone’s guess. Getting the smack down can happen even the most upbeat people, including me. Having highs and lows is normal, and don’t want anyone to go through these experiences alone. I have been and still live the life I’ve dreamed for myself. You are not alone. I want to walk the path beside you.  I want to coach people to live their best life, the life they dream of. Let’s move through this crazy world together. Schedule your recreation therapy discovery session with me today.

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About Diana – Owner of Your Adventure Rx

If you thought you couldn’t do it, think again. If you hang out with us for too long you’ll start believing in yourself and leave knowing you can accomplish anything. Diana is an Adventurer, Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist (CTRS), worked as a professional outdoor recreation educator for people with and without disabilities for the last 20 years, traveled to over 20 countries, and is also certified in Wilderness First Aid. She climbed many mountain peaks, biked numerous trails, and paddled all around the world.