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A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a Regional Leader conference for Lean In; a non-profit organization started by Sheryl Sandberg. This conference brings in women from all over the globe propelling Sandberg’s mission to step outside your comfort zone and lean in. Ladies from Pakistan and India are pushing equality for women, and men are supporting communities in El Salvador to stop violence and promote equality and peace.

My role with Lean In is co-leading a chapter or large circle of Creative Women Leaders. I started this group after I read the book Lean In around 4 years ago. My group started with a few ladies and has since grown into a chapter over 700. Lean In has 33,000 circles and chapters around the globe striving to better themselves and the people around them. What I find fascinating is that everyone involved in this organization is a volunteer except for a small number of staff.

Other ladies attending were a blend of women in trade, pushing for equality in treatment and pay, to high powered executives pushing the standards for women in high level positions. What struck me was when I told them that I lead outdoor adventure trips for professional women; they said something to effect of “I’m intimidated to try kayaking.” I have come across this before with ladies saying “I’ve always wanted to learn how to hike, but was intimidated to go on my own.” I have been hiking for so long now, that I think of it as putting one foot in front of the other and go. Not realizing that this term “hiking” could be so intimidating for some people.

Here’s how you can alleviate your intimidation to do an activity you never thought you could do.

  1. Sign Up For the Adventure With a Reputable Outfitter

Of course you are always welcome on a no woman left behind with Your Adventure Rx but there are a plethora of outfits out there waiting to take you with them. Whether is be whitewater rafting the Colorado, sea kayaking in Alaska or hiking in the Himalayas, you can sign up to go with someone who’s an expert at what they are doing.

  1. Join a MeetUp Group

MeetUp groups are a fantastic way to meet new people and discover an activity safely with others. If you are in the San Antonio area, feel free to join a group for professional women. If you do a search for the activity you are wishing to do, I’m confident you will find what you are looking for on the site.

  1. Lean In

As many high-powered women in business and beyond surrounded me at the conference, I understood that we all have fears. Even women whom I consider fearless, they too are attempting to overcome adversity. Don’t be afraid to ask for something you desire, whether it is a job, date or something else.

We all have something we are intimidated by, but my goal is to change women’s fear to try an outdoor sport. After each event, I find that when women arrive for the activity, they are fearful, scared and intimidated. After they get on the Stand Up Paddle Board or out of the kayak, they get off and have developed confidence in themselves. Like magic a scared little bird turns into an eagle that soars above the clouds. They then take that confidence and realize that if I can do this, I can do anything! (Tag line stolen from DSUSA!)

Peace be with you this week. Diana

by Diana Proemm, CTRS

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